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Our Philosophy...

Providing Personalized Service

We want to provide concierge services at your comfort level.  We will customize property searches to meet your criteria, arrange tours at your convenience, and communicate with you in your preferred method.  We provide open, transparent communication with you.

Service With Results

We have a solid record of success with a wide range of Real Estate transactions in many local communities.  We get to know our clients and fully understand their desired outcomes, which allows us to personalize each client's experience, giving us a greater rate of success.

At Epic Realty, our number one priority is YOU.

We take the time to get to know you and to understand what you're looking for, whether you are Buying or Selling, so we can focus on helping you achieve successful results.  We have multiple strategies that we implement based on your goals to help you maximize your Buying or Selling experience.

Support Beyond the Sale

We want to be your personalized real estate agents for life.  Let us be your first call.  Our clients are our friends and neighbors.  We are a part of the community you live in and have dedicated ties to that community.  Need a contractor referral?  Wondering what is happening in your home town this weekend?  Ready to upgrade or wondering what your home will rent for?  We are available anytime and are happy to hear from you.

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